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Yep, I'll paint anything!


I did this painting of the Bastrop Fine Art Guild Spring Gala.  It is already sold.

This is a painting called "The Hunters."  It is of my grandsons at hunting camp. The original is not for sale, however, I have prints in size 8x10.

aa-cover-mp copy.jpg (232628 bytes) Books written and illustrated by the artist.  Click on the picture to see more.

Sunrise-Cave---Pronghorns.jpg (61033 bytes) Sunrise Cave - Murals in a bedroom.  Click on picture to see more.

Warrior-Bear-3-w.jpg (25987 bytes)  Warrior Bear III, original, 15" x 22"

Mouse-w.jpg (69581 bytes)  Mouse in the Forest, Original Collage, 30" x 22"

Honeymoon Is.jpg (14129 bytes) Honeymoon Island - Original - 8" x 10"

Navajo Circle Rug.jpg (24310 bytes)  Navajo Circle  - Rug - 6' x 8'

Navajo Dance Rug.jpg (18593 bytes)  Navajo Dance - Rug - 6' 8'


Below are some previously commissioned works that are not for sale.

Pat on the River.jpg (24640 bytes)  Pat on the River

diana.jpg (17234 bytes)  Diana

ma.jpg (13406 bytes)  Ma

Horse Rug.jpg (16907 bytes)  Dancing Horses Rug

Navajo_Circle_Rug.jpg (24310 bytes)  Navajo Circle Rug

Navajo Dance Rug.jpg (18593 bytes)  Navajo Dance Rug

pan.jpg (29062 bytes)  Pan

Canyonwood Mural.jpg (25980 bytes)  Canyonwood Mural

Spicewood Mural.jpg (12887 bytes)  Spicewood Mural