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NOTE: Most of these paintings can be made into prints.  I sell the smaller prints (8x10 matted to 11x14) for $55.  If you are interested in a larger print, contact me at ecsullivanart@aol.com or visit my gallery page (ecsullivanart) at www.FineArtAmerica.com to see what is possible.

Spirit of Play - original watercolor, 20" x 50"

2012-sun-horses.jpg (329133 bytes)

SUN HORSES - original watercolor, 8x10, prints

2012-sun-horses2.jpg (254654 bytes)

SUN HORSES II, original watercolor, 8x12, prints

2012-tall-horses.jpg (182452 bytes)

Blue Roan II, 30 x 10 original watercolor

2013-Daves-Horses2.jpg (300573 bytes)

BLUE ROAN RUN II - original watercolor, 22x30

2013-Dancing-Horses.jpg (262826 bytes)

HORSE DANCE - original watercolor 22x30

2013-first-love2.jpg (200727 bytes)

FIRST LOVE 2013, original watercolor, prints 

2013-green-horses.jpg (237577 bytes)

SNOW. original watercolor 11x14, prints

2013-Green-Horses2.jpg (260639 bytes)

EVENING, original watercolor, 11x14, prints

2013-left-hand-1.jpg (155542 bytes)

LEFT HAND No. 2, original watercolor, 8x10

2013-long-run3.jpg (163410 bytes)

BLUE ROAN RUN III, original watercolor, 10x30

DREAM, original watercolor, 20x50

2013-long-run.jpg (103267 bytes)

LONG TIME RUNNING, original watercolor, 6x18


2012-purple-horse.jpg (194086 bytes)

RUNNING IN THE SNOW, original watercolor 8x10, prints

2012-horse-in-the-wind.jpg (298238 bytes)

HORSE IN THE WIND - original acrylic on board, 11x14

2012-yupo1.jpg (255959 bytes)

WIND IN THEIR MANES - original watercolor, 22x30

2012-yupo-1.jpg (236907 bytes)

BLUE AND BLACK, 8x10 original watercolor, prints available.

2012-yupo-2.jpg (248382 bytes)

SHAKE YOUR HAIR - original watercolor 8x10

2013-brown-horses2.jpg (227532 bytes)

DANCING HORSES 2013- original watercolor, 11x14

2013-cindys-horses.jpg (218296 bytes)

THE FIGHT - original watercolor, 20x10

2012-Attitude.jpg (257360 bytes)

ATTITUDE - original watercolor, 8"x10"


Three on the Plains - original 10 x 33

Blue Roan III - original, 10 x 33

Blue-Roan-Run.jpg (22168 bytes) Blue Roan Run, original, 22x30, also available as a print.

Attitude.jpg (136170 bytes) Attitude II, original 8x10, also available as a print.

Tripoli.jpg (165432 bytes) Tripoli, original 8x10, also available as a print.

Purple Horse2.jpg (185775 bytes) Purple Horse II, original 8x10, also available as a print.

Desert Run.jpg (117461 bytes) Desert Run, original 22x30, also available as a print.

Larry's-Horse-I.jpg (8609 bytes) Larry's Horse I, original 8x10, also available as a print.

Larry's-Horse-II.jpg (9660 bytes) Larry's Horse II, original 8x10, also available as a print.

Wild-Spirits-w.jpg (10996 bytes)  Wild Spirits, 18" x 41", original

blue-horse.jpg (51356 bytes) Blue, 8"x10", original and prints

Running-Free.jpg (75894 bytes) Running Free, 22"x30", original and prints

Running-Wild.jpg (79354 bytes) Running Wild, 22" x 30", original and prints

purple-horse.jpg (52341 bytes) Purple Horse, 8"x10", original and prints

Frolic-w.jpg (28184 bytes)  Frolic, Original - 30" x 11"

Desert Gems.jpg (380111 bytes) Desert Gems - Original - 11" x 30"

Cave Art I Print.jpg (25829 bytes)  Cave Art I - Print - 8" x 10"

dancinghorsesprint.jpg (28442 bytes)  Dancing Horses - Prints - 8" x 10"

First Love_ Pat.jpg (30926 bytes)  First Love, Original and Giclee prints-30" x 2

On the Cliffs2.jpg (30169 bytes)  On the Cliffs - Prints - 8"x10"

Remuda.jpg (43164 bytes)  Remuda - Original - 51" x 10"

scratching horse.jpg (17843 bytes)  Scratching Horse - Prints - 8" x 10"


Spotted-Horses-I.jpg (31015 bytes)  Spotted Horses I - Original - 20" x 8"