I never expected to be painting chickens, but here they are.  I love them dearly.  These are portraits of my chickens - a story of an indulgent Granny.

Lacy and Zap, original watercolor painting, 14x14, $550.

I made a mistake of taking a grandson to Elgin General Store when they had those chicks for sale in the spring a couple years ago.  So I had to buy 3 - one for each grandson.  How hard could it be to keep chickens???

Fum and Maxine, original watercolor, 15x12, $350.

I put those chicks in a cage on the dining room table, and started reading about chicks and chickens.  I will spare you all the details, but I returned twice to buy more chicks before the grandsons found out we'd lost one to a cat and another to a raccoon.  


Original is sold, prints available in 8x10 for $55.

Last year a neighbor bought chicks, but had nowhere to keep them, so they, too, live in my backyard.  Zap the rooster just appeared one day and never left.  So there are now 13 chickens in my backyard laying 8 to 11 eggs a day.  I cook a lot of custard, quiche, frittatas and pound cake.  Anything with eggs.  We sell some eggs to pay for chicken feed.  My urban farm.  I dug up the front yard years ago for a garden - it's the only place with sunlight.  The back and side yards are shaded with huge pecan trees that deliver a bountiful harvest every other year.

Marie, Patti and Hotwings

Original watercolor, 15x12, $350